Only 100KM to go…..

Vilalba to Lagua. 6/19
Thank you Tim and Rebecca Watkins for your donation to our cause, lol.
We hit the trail at 6:30 this morning before the sun was up again, this Alburgue offered a breakfast before we left. I had toast Eric a cheese and ham baguette we also purchased a sack lunch for the trail so we didn’t have to stop anywhere.

As we have been walking through Galicia there have been many people who have shells on their walls or driveways, it has been fun seeing all the different ways they make them.

We passed over the interstate and Eric spotted a sign that showed the distance from where we started our Adventure, we have come a long way!

The sun was at a perfect spot as we approached a beautiful cemetery so to get some beautiful shots. We were walking at a bit slower pace as we were on a continual uphill climb the whole day. We saw a few cool things to take shots of, the funniest was this gals riding mower, she gave Eric a big thumbs up for her photo but he missed it, she was happy to get her picture taken and had a huge smile that warmed our hearts as we passed.

We stopped for lunch in a town where most people stop for the day but it was only noon so we decided to dredge onward to the next destination in the book so we were still on track.

Today we hit the 100KM mark to the end, we were so looking forward to seeing 100KM, we approach the marker and WTH, it doesn’t say 100 but 99,994 KM, what!?!?!? They couldn’t have moved it back .006, NO not here in Spain. We were quite disappointed but then what the heck we were that much farther. There was about 3 miles of this part on the side of the highway where we put on the tunes and danced down the road together, I’m sure people thought we were strange but we were having a fine time and didn’t care. Our fun attitudes took us across a railroad track and onto a mid-evil bridge where Eric was striking a Vogue pose. I wanted to get pictures of the bridge but that meant going off course a bit so Eric didn’t join me but made fun of me having to come back up to the trail. We came up to a beautiful old church in the forest, very sad you couldn’t get a good picture of its beauty as the forest had overgrown. We passed an alter and Eric wanted me to lay on it for the shot but I declined because I thought he might sacrifice me for slowing him down.  Walking along a wall built of stone thousands of years ago and in awe it was still standing and beautiful with moss growing all over it.

The day was getting long and the heat was upon us along with the fact I was hiking today in my Tivas my feet were really starting to hurt badly.

Finally, we see signs for the Alburgue, you pray it isn’t a mirage, it wasn’t, but nobody was there. Eric went into the room with the beds, nobody but what, double beds on the bottom bunks, what! We asked if this was Miraza, no, it was a half mile more up the road. We decided to sit in the bar there have a beer and contemplate walking that much farther. We had already done just a bit over 20 miles today so the thought of walking even a bit more didn’t really do much for either of us.

Feet and double bed won, we stayed. They had a Pilgrims dinner in the bar and since his English wasn’t good to explain the menu, he takes us to the kitchen and shows us everything. PEPPERS, YES, LOTS, I didn’t even want any of the meat, we were so excited. First peppers in Spain and they were delish!

After dinner we went to the Alburgue and ended up being the only ones there the whole night, it was great but he didn’t lock the door and I kept waking up hearing things all night so not a great nights sleep but it was nice to be able to have room to roll over in bed.


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