Thank you booking for messing up!

Sobardo to Arzua 6/21Thank you Deb and Bob for sponsoring our night here. 

It was so hot when we woke up at 5 we whispered grab your stuff meet you out in the front. I grabbed my stuff went out the door waiting for Eric and he comes out I now notice everything in this place is a huge echo, we decide to go outside of the compound on the grass to get our daily stuff going, we get to the front, it is locked, what, we are locked into this huge compound, sure on a day we are up super early and ready to hit it before the sun is scorching and we can’t get out. We sat at the entrance doing our morning stuff and finally Mr Monk comes with the key to open the gate. It was still pretty dark when we started out finally after about 3 hours of walking we found an open bar for coffee and breakfast. We were joined by our new German friend Eve. When we got up to leave she was ready and walked with us, this was the first time we have walked with anyone during our way. It was nice in a way to have company we told each other our stories, she is only 17, aged way beyond her years. She was sweet and we enjoyed her company however after a couple hours we realized now, this was the second time now we followed the wrong arrows. We now we’re on our way to a different route to Santiago that we didn’t want to travel so now Eric and Eve chart our course and no arrows. Finally, back to the correct yellow arrows and soon Eve was ahead of us as we ran out of water and a lot of uphill walking was involved so we slowed way down. We are not 17 anymore for sure. We walked into our destination town with no idea where we were going to stay, the book says we will go from seeing 50 pilgrims a day to over 300 so spots were going to fill fast. We found a bar with wifi so we stopped to find a spot. We decided after as hot as it was with everyone last night we kinda wanted to be alone, we found a spot with a tub to soak our feet and wifi in town so we booked it, spending more then we wanted but now we are on the last few days and even having a spot is important. We decided to get the apartment because it was so hot out we couldn’t image an Alburgue with tons of people and no windows. Eric found a shoe store and decided it was time for new shoes since we were pavement walking the rest of the way and boots weren’t needed. We bought the first pair we tried on, they felt like clouds on our feet and they were supposed to be good shoes, sold! We didn’t even take them off, she cut the tags off as we paid. We then walked to our apartment, not where we were but same name. The owner was so nice she called an English speaking person. And got us headed to where we were to go, we rang the bell and a very nice lady answered and in charades we figured out she was still cleaning our room and we could go for lunch and she would be done. After lunch we returned and she was there, the room was very hot with no windows, wifi, or tub as pictured in the rental. We could not understand her and Google translate wasn’t working well for either of us, my frustration grew because of heat and being tired, more then ever we wished our Amigo Kara was with us to help both of us. She finally called and the man spoke to both of us, it ended up the “maid” owned a Casa 5 Km from town and offered to give us a night there for the same price including dinner and breakfast. What, a blessing she knew there was problems and wanted to fix everything, she was so awesome. We rode with her to the Casa where her son worked the desk and spoke English, we expressed our apologies for not understanding, our frustration and our gratitude! This place was amazing, the room was awesome with our own bathroom with tub. We soaked our feet and relaxed for a bit then time for our free dinner, amazing! Eric had rabbit and wild mushrooms and I had Hake fish, outstanding! After a bit of FaceTime with the kids it was off to bed. We decided we would walk from here and not wait for them to drive us back to town after breakfast, it was to be hot again the next day and didn’t want to wail till 8 to start.

Today we both must have hurt and there was nothing new to take pictures of, sorry if we disappoint on this blog!


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