What we have been walking towards.

Monte do Gozo to Santiago 6/23
Today, by far has been the most emotional day on the Camino. 

Our whole room slept in since we only had a very short jont into Santiago. Thank God we walked as far as we did yesterday or Eric may not have made it. I think we were one of the last ones out of the Alburgue, we wanted to walk up the hill to get pictures with the statues of pilgrims looking at Santiago. Lucky for Eric my arrow was in finding mode and I spotted a shortcut to get back on the trail so he didn’t have to take any extra steps.
To get into Santiago we had to cross over the interstate, I haven’t liked it but have been ok, this bridge crossing was the worst. Rickety boards that moved under your feet, Eric kept telling me just don’t look down you got this. We had been moving very slow because of his blisters but Eric being the awesome husband, he hurried his pace to make sure I was fine going across.  

By 9 am we were walking into the new part of the city where pilgrims have hung shoes and other things to welcome others in. Around 10 am we were walking into old town, Kara had went ahead and we were still walking pretty slow giving me time to savor and reflect, tears would come and go as I thought about this journey in our lives and what it has meant to me.  

10:25 we hear bagpipes as we are welcomed into the square in front of the Cathedral. It was awesome pilgrims welcoming others and pictures everywhere. Kara was there waiting, more tears, hugs and pictures. We were able to get a great shot of Kara who was walking with her dad (in spirit as he passed last year). They let us check into our room early, why a blessing to get these packs off our back and get Eric’s feet up. Kara went to Pilgrims mass but we knew Eric could not stand so we were going to meet her for lunch , unless she knew they were going to swing the Boyafumerio. Since we didn’t understand anything in the last mass and we aren’t Catholic the only thing we really wanted to see was this. 

 We hadn’t heard from her and it was almost 1 so we decided to head downstairs to meet Kara for lunch after mass. I messaged her as she was typing something. Mine goes through, lunch downstairs, meet you there. Hers comes in, their doing it, get here now. I shouted we gots go, I have no idea where Erics pain went but we both bolted out the doors and over to the church. At the door we’re greeted by security telling us this is the exit, the entrance is clear around, the other side. There is no way Eric is going to make it. He grabs my hand and stays “let’s go”. We got all the way around and there was a huge line and they weren’t letting anyone in. So sad we missed it but we tried.

We returned to the hotel and was joined by Kara for lunch. We decided to tour the church while no mass was going on then since tonight was a big night so we went up to the room to rest and get Eric’s feet up.

About 8:30 when we were to meet Kara came around Eric was doing everything to get me to go. He couldn’t even walk, after putting it in high gear and doing two 20+ miles this week we were sitting in our room listening to it from a far.  

This trip we have experienced EVERYTHING together, this was not the time I was going to do something without him. After some blog posting, wine and dark chocolate and gazing out the window watching fires and fireworks wondering what is happening below it is time for bed and a nice night sleep.


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