The day has come

Muxia to Santiago 6/26-27
Back on the bus to Santiago, I think the long days of not walking are having their toll on our bodies, we slept most of the way there. Once arriving we found a cafe had our coffee and toast and set out for the walk to old town again. Eric’s feet are doing a little better so it was a day for seeing some sights and buying souvenirs. They are everywhere but short on neat things to buy. So nothing great except a few things that would have meaning for us and our “way”.

After lunch and shopping and nothing more to really do we sat in the plaza played cribbage at table while listening to the locals play music and people watch. Had a nap then hit the streets for dinner returning to the room for bed. Not walking I think is making us more tired.

Our Anniversary, today is the day we wanted to have our Official Compostellaes dated, making 20 years and marking a journey of the last month with memories to last a lifetime. We had walked there yesterday so we knew how to get there, sat in the chapel and again reflecting on our adventure cried tears of joy and sadness it was over. Today at 8:30 there was no line so we got right in. Eric of course has a nicely written one mine looks like a guy scribbled it on, sad, they should at least make you have nice handwriting for that job. A nice volunteer took our picture then we stopped at the plaza one last time for pictures of completion.  

Returning to the hotel for our breakfast and one last time of stuffing our backpacks. We check into our last hotel this afternoon it is a short walk from here. We are hoping the front desk will let us keep our packs here until 4 am when we need to catch a cab to the airport to get home at 7 pm tomorrow night.

It is hard to believe this day is finally here, it has been for sure one of the most memorial things I have ever done in my life and so very bless to have my husband and best friend with me every single step.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us on this trip. With Christmas money, Birthday money, buying a nights stay for an anniversary gift, REI gift cards, and mostly thoughts and prayers! Everyone one of you helped make this dream a reality. This is by far the most expensive vacation we have ever taken but I don’t care if we finish paying it off in a few years, every penny was worth it! Just have to keep donating plasma, lol

Blessings all, I hope you have enjoyed this adventure with us!


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