The End of Land, Muxia

Santiago to Muxia. 6/24-25
The 24th was a day spent in our room. Started our day out with much needed massages. This service came to our room it was just what our tired and achy bodies needed. We had lunch with Kara after, Eric was able to hobble downstairs then back up to our room. I was able to catch up on a few days blogs then ran to the market for some dinner for us. All in all a much needed day of rest and foot soaking.

We were able to sleep in a bit as we didn’t have to catch the bus to Muxia until 9:45. We had our free breakfast downstairs. This was our last meal with our favorite Amigo on the trip, Kara. She has been a great friend and made our life more enjoyable as she was an amazing interpreter so we could communicate with others as well. It was sad to say goodbye, hugs and tears then more hugs and she was off to walk to Fisterre. We got a taxi to the bus station. The bus took about 3:50 to get there so when we arrived it was time for lunch. We stopped at a bar that had Polpo( octopus), we wanted to try this and we were down to the last days so it was time. One of the best things I have eaten here! After lunch we found our Pension and hit the trail, one last days of following yellow arrows. We made it, the end! It was amazing! Words can not express the feeling we were feeling. We stood together in tears and awe of what we had done and ending in the most beautiful spot.  

We had decided when we got there we wanted to spend a little time alone reflecting. I knew Eric was going to write my Anniversary letter there but I was sneaky and had carried a card where I too was able to express in a letter what this trip and his love for me has meant, it was nice to sit in silence only hearing the ocean crashing on the rocks and reflect on this last month. Several times I had to wipe away the tears to see the paper to put my thoughts in writing. Eric called me up to his rock when he saw me taking pictures (I was supposed to be writing postcards, but again, not). We had taken our devotionals with us so we read them to each other and they couldn’t have been better ones for this day.

We walked around the church, and up the hill where a lady offered to take our picture then started taking one from every angle,( I think she wants to be a photographer). Then back down to the Pension for a nap, I think crying is exhausting.

After our nap we headed down for a nice dinner then back up to the room for early bed, we had to catch the bus back to Santiago at 6:40 am, we did not want to miss it or we would have been there till 2:45.


2 thoughts on “The End of Land, Muxia

  1. Again, absolutely amazing! And you look wonderful, like you’re glowing. The amazing spiritual journey you’ve just taken is reflected in everything about you in these pix. I am so happy for you; for what you’ve accomplished with this trip and for what you’ve clearly found in each other. Congratulations on 20 great years and such an amazing adventure!

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