This site was created for our long awaited trip to Spain to walk the Northern route of the Camino de Santiago.  Some friends and family have asked us to keep in touch and post pictures along the way and tell you how it is going, so, here is where you will find them people.

A blog site, my first one, I am not paying for it so don’t expect anything fancy.  There will probably be misspellings throughout and I will not have proper grammar and punctuation I am sure.  If you are willing to over look all of those things and want to live vicariously through us on this great adventure well this is the place for you.

When reading the POSTS, I would recommend starting from the bottom up, they are how I started, newest on top…don’t like this about the site but, like I mentioned, it’s FREE!


A little about us.  This year marks 20 years that my husband Eric has put up with me as his wife so we are celebrating by going on a trip of a lifetime.  It was first introduced to us by a client of mine who is going to do the Camino on her 65 bday, I had no idea what she was talking about so she said, “watch the movie called, The Way”.  We did, it is on Netflix and is a great show.  We thought, wow, to take that much time off work and do something like that would be pretty amazing.  A few weeks later we were visiting a church in Boise and there were two guest speakers there talking about a documentery they were finishing about then doing the Camino, called “I’ll Push You” do out this fall.   I left church feeling like God was putting this journey on my heart as something we should do for our 20th Anniversary.  Eric agreed it would be quite awesome and so it began.